How Many Bitcoins Can You Make On Cointiply in 1 Year? $8,000+

Celan Bryant
11 min readSep 5, 2019


Learn How To Maximize Earnings

Not all faucets are the same. Some are definitely better than others.

With Coinpot gone, Cointiply has taken the lead as the world’s best bitcoin faucet.

What does it mean to be the “best” faucet — it means providing the best opportunity for higher and consistent payouts.

How much can you make on Cointiply?

To figure this out, we need to create a model. The model is based on the following assumptions:

1 dollar = 10,000 Cointiply coins

1 Cointiply coin = $0.0001 dollars

1 bitcoin = 56,300 US dollars

1 bitcoin =563,000,000 Cointiply coins

Now let’s make some basic assumptions about your level of activity on Cointiply.

  1. There’s the main faucet, which can be boosted by increasing your Cointiplier (we’ll talk about how to do that in a moment).
  2. There’s also offer walls (visiting webpages, downloading apps, watching videos), surveys, videos, and paid to click ads.
  3. You can also boost your earnings temporarily and permanently by playing the game Cointivity, which is a little mining game created by the folks at Cointiply (we’ll talk about this a bit later as well).
  4. Last but not least, you can earn 5% interest on your balance if you have over 35,000 coins, which isn’t hard to do.

Let’s take a minute to model out how much you can make on each, starting with The Faucet.


Cointiply has one of the best faucets out there. It’s attached to a progressive jackpot, which as of now is for 272,881 coins.

On average, I make around 30 coins per claim, but you can make anywhere from 22 to 280 coins. The amount depends on the roll.

For the purpose of creating a model, let’s assume you make 22 coins per roll and roll the faucet as often as the faucet allows (24 times a day or once every hour). If you do this, you will make 385,440 coins, $38.54 or 0.0006846181172 bitcoin in one year.

Seems small I know, but just wait.

Important: This is our baseline. I doubt you’ll be able to make a claim every hour on the hour, but you may also make more than 22 coins per claim, so it all evens out, especially because only a small portion of your payout is going to come from the faucet (unless you win the jackpot of course). The largest portion of your bitcoin will come from offers and maximizing those offers, which you’ll see in a minute.

Note: This baseline amount includes the loyalty bonus, which doubles your reward. You get a loyalty bonus of 1% for every day you make a claim on the faucet up to 100%. So as long as you make at least one claim per day, you will receive the loyalty bonus.

Offer Walls

Cointiply offer-walls are a great way to earn coins. According to the website, top users earn 100’s of thousands coins from offer walls. The most popular offer walls are Theorem Reach, Tap Research, Adscend Media and Adgate Media. There are more than a dozen others. They are all different, so find one you like and work it. The good news is you have variety.

A single survey or offer can pay as much as 300,000 coins, with many paying between 1,000 and 20,000 Coins. There are many offers for both US and non-US players.

Tip: always click on “Earn Coins” first. You will see a list of the most popular offers as well as any new ways to earn additional coins.

Some offers are for games and others are surveys or simply ads to click on. Games and offers pay the most, while pay-per-click ads pay the least (9 coins per click). Cointiply paid-to-click ads are pretty normal. You earn coins for visiting a webpage and they’re available all around the world.

Watching videos is one of the most passive ways to earn coins because all you have to do is pull up a video and have it streaming. My favorites are VideoFox, EngagMe and You need to see 3 ads before your account will be credited. The same applies to Hideout.TV. You earn points for every three ads that play between videos.

For our earnings model, let’s say you can commit to doing four offers per month that average out to 50,000 coins per offer.

That’s a total of 2,400,000 coins per year or $240.

Now let’s add videos.

Let’s say you can commit to watching two hours of video every day. You don’t really have to watch, just have it on. You are allowed to watch video from three different portals (cell phone, desktop, tablet) at one time. For the purposes of this exercise, we are going to be conservative and just use one portal for 2 hours per day. That’s a total of 43,797 coins per year or $4.38.

Next: What if we add interest to our model?

Earning Interest

Cointiply pays 5% annual interest on coin balances over 35,000 coins.

To earn interest, you have to maintain this balance and make at least 1 claim each week.

To start earning interest, you need to go to the settings page and toggle the “Enable Interest” switch and then save your settings. Interest is paid every Sunday night.

As a word of caution, be sure to place a 2FA on your account if you have enough to earn interest. You can find the 2FA set up in settings.

Interest is calculated using an annual interest rate of 5% paid out once a week based on your average daily balance. For example, if you have 100,000 Coins for a 1 week period you will earn 99 Coins interest for that week (100,000 * 0.05126 / 52.14). Based on our numbers above (approximately 7,400 coins per week) that equates to 370 coins per year. Not much, but you don’t have to do anything for it.

Next: Now let’s look at how much we can make on offers, games, video and paid per click ads.

So where does that put us?

If we add offers, videos and interest to our annual tally we get:

  • 2,831,958 coins
  • $283.20; and,
  • 0.005030120818

Two things to keep in mind:

  1. when we first started this project, bitcoin was worth around $10,000 so these numbers are not static. For example, bitcoin extraordinaire, the person that introduced me to bitcoin, Max Kaiser predicts bitcoin will be trading at $240K by the end of the year. So he’s predicting an almost 500% growth rate this year.
  2. This amount is based on both conservative and aggressive assumptions.

So now that you know about all the ways to earn bitcoin on Cointiply, let’s talk about how you can boost earnings.

The Cointivity Game & It’s Impact On Earnings

This is perhaps the main reason I like Cointiply so much — there are so many ways to boost your earnings. The Cointivity Game gives you the ability to boost your earnings.

How much can it boost earnings?

The following is an overview of how much we’ve earned so far using the model:

As you can see, the largest percentage of your earnings come from doing offers. So you can really maximize your earnings by doing two things:

  1. Increase the number of offers you do from once per week to every day.
  2. Boost your earnings potential on the day that you do those offers by purchasing “items”.

If we increase the number of offers per week from once per week to seven per week, we can increase annual earnings from $283 to $1,724.

Cointivity Maximization Strategy:

Select one day a week to do all 7 offers and then purchase items that boost earnings for that day.

To understand this, first a little tutorial on how to purchase items.

CointiPoints are Cointiply’s reward point system. For every 10 coins you earn , you’ll receive 1 CointiPoint. The more Cointipoints you have, the higher your level. You can also use these points to buy “items”. The “items” are used for your “bitcoin mining business”.

The goal is to collect as many items as possible to be successful with your bitcoin mining business. However, you can only collect items if you have a “slot” to place the item in.

Each level you go up unlocks more “slots”, which allows you to have more items.

Now, let’s figure out what kind of “items” you can place in your slots.

Items: Equippables Vs. Consumables

Everyone starts off with 2 slots: 1 for Consumables and 1 for Equippables. Every time you unlock another level, you also get more slots to put your items in. Remember, you want lots of items because they boost your earnings, but you have to have slots to place them in.

There are two types of “items” that you can buy to help your mining business: Equippables and Consumables.

  • Consumables are items that are consumed or used in a short period of time. They are short-term in nature and the earnings boost from consumables is temporary.
  • Equippables are items that are part of your equipment. They are long-term in nature and they boost your earnings permanently.

Each item is also classified as Common, Uncommon, and Rare quality. Rare and Uncommon items boost your earnings higher than Common items.

Where can you find items?

In Pods. You can buy Pods with either CointiPoints or coins. Every Pod contains three items. The higher quality the Pod, the higher your chance of getting Uncommon and Rare items, which are worth the most.

In these Pods you will find “items” like the ones below.

We’re not done. There are also Cointivity Collections.

Cointivity Collections

Cointivity Collections are a way to get an even higher earnings boost. This is a great way to maximize earnings if you know you’re going to be on Cointiply for 4 to 72 hours.

Each collection requires a different group of items. The most valuable Collection also has the most Rare and Uncommon Items. Here’s a graphic from the website of the Collections currently available:

When you have all items in a Collection, a “LOCK IN” button appears on that Collection. Click the button, and you will be asked to confirm that you wish to activate the Collection.

TIP: If you know you’re going to have a big offer day, you might want to Lock In your Collection on the day before and then activate it on the day you are going to do the offers.

All of your items are part of your “Inventory”. So, at any point in time you can check to see how many items you have by clicking on Inventory. You can check out your level, your boosts, your slots, and the items you have in those slots by clicking on your Cointivity Profile. Also remember, that you can use the items to boost earnings or you can sell them for coins.

Let’s get back to maximizing strategy.

Our model assumes that on the day we complete 7 offers, we also purchase:

  • three Equipables that permanently increase the offer reward by 2% each
  • two Consumables that temporarily increase the offer reward by 3% each
  • one Collectible which temporarily boosts my offer account by another 7%.

By doing this I can increase annual earnings from $1,724 to $2,147.

If we assume that Max Keiser is right, and bitcoin is going to grow by another 500% by year end, the amount could increase to $8,000 by the end of the year. And that’s just in 1 year!

Ready to get started click here!

Two more things before I send you off to start your bitcoin mining business — Chat Rain and Cointiply Multiplier.

Next: Chat Rain

Chat Rain

Chat Rain is an opportunity to make a portion of the Chat Rain pool. I’ve never made much on Chat Rain, but I want to include it here even though I don’t include it in the model because you don’t really have to do anything for it.

At the top of the Cointiply Chat forum is a water drop icon, along with how many coins are in the current Rain pool. Cointiply does not tell you how big the Pool needs to be before it “rains”, but you can see what your current share is by looking at the Progress Bar. When the Rail pool is paid out, the site literally rains. The rain looks more like snowflakes than rain, but it’s cute.

The amount you can make depends on how many coins you earn for that day. The more you earn, the higher your share of the Chat Rain pool. You can also donate to the Rain pool, but it doesn’t increase your share so I don’t know why people do it. Karma?

Important: You have to opt in to the Chat Rain pool by clicking on the “Tap to Qualify for Rain Pool” button.

Next: Cointiply Multiplier

Cointiply Multiplier

I’m not a big fan of gambling, so I didn’t mention this in the opening remarks. You want to earn and hold (or hodl as the bitcoin community likes to say). That said, if you’re into this for the gambling, you can wager as few as 10 coins or as many as 50,000 coins in Cointiply’s multiplier game. The maximum multiplier is 61.3x so you could make as much as 613 coins from a 10 coin wager, but it’s highly unlikely.

When you start a new round of the CointiPly Multiplier you will be presented with 11 different “targets” on the screen. The targets look like small white circles. If you win, you can either press your luck or play it safe and click the “Take Win” button at any time to claim your coins and end the round.

What’s Next

I’ll be researching the impact of referrals and premium memberships on earnings.

If this has been at all helpful for you, please pass it on to your friends and family and do let me know if you have any questions.

Good luck!

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